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Adcash supports both advertisers and publishers, offering a variety of formats including banner, interstitial, in-page push and pop-under ads. There is no minimum traffic requirement for publishers. is a community network of social media and website promoters who exchange and sell traffic, and there are free services offered on the site as well so you can get started here for free using their traffic exchange system.


Adfly is a URL shortening service that pays you for visitors that click on your shortened links.  They also sell bulk traffic which you can have targeted to specific regions or countries.


Clickadilla provides advertisers and publishers with a variety of ad formats including in-stream video, web push, popunder, native ads and banners.


Fiverr can be a great place to find traffic providers that are in different niche markets and some that have unique sources of traffic that a larger company may not have the time to focus on, as well as a great place for those selling traffic to make their first sales.  They have a review system which helps to weed out bad providers and it is wise to avoid listings with previous mediocre or poor reviews, and there are also a large number of people re-selling traffic bought from a wholesaler on Fiverr, and with that in mind you will want to look for sellers that give a good background to their traffic source and who appear to be the actual owners of the traffic source.


Horizon offers guaranteed website traffic, e-mail marketing, banner advertising and hosted services.  Their website traffic can be purchased as country-specific, specific to a niche category or a combination of both, as well as e-mail lists that they can also send the mail for if you do not have your own servers.

Media Mister

At Media Mister you can buy followers, likes, views and subscribers from every major social media network.


Semrush is a powerful and easy to use SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform.  With their free account you can do a limited number of keyword lookups and other site analytics per day to meet basic keyword research needs.

Top Of The Results

Top Of The Results provides SEO/CTR traffic that will come from searches based on a keyword you select to improve the click-through ratio and on-page time for those keywords, and includes features such as scrolling and fine-tuned control of traffic behavior.
Website is a simple and direct, self-service platform where you can buy bulk traffic from a large network of sites all at once and quickly send a high volume of users to your site if you wish. also offers a referral program which can be used to earn credit towards advertising campaigns of your own.

Trellian Direct Search Network

A company in business now for 25 years, Trellian is a direct search network, meaning that their traffic originates from a visitor clicking a result in search and they are then redirected to a landing page.  Trellian allows for the ability to purchase highly targeted traffic because that traffic carries with it the search keywords of the visitor's search and therefore their intent. 


Ubersuggest is a great tool for finding keyword variations that get the most traffic, offering a keyword ranking overview for individual sites as well as general keywords.  You are allowed three lookups per day without registering, and a 7 day free trial is available.


Udimi is the world's largest solo ad marketplace, which offers a place for sellers to post their serviices and for buyers to purchase advertising, which is all handled through a secure escrow through Udimi.  Udimi also offers a nice affiliate interface and resources for those wishing to promote it.


Verytraffic offers a free plan of 6,000 page views per month of automated traffic. Paid packages are also available that offer additional options in controlling the traffic delivery.

This company has been around for 20+ years, and offers a nice selection of products that are straightforward classic traffic packages.  Services include social, e-commerce, crypto and other targeted traffic niches as well as Business SEO.  Their website also has some useful tools that can help to get a free boost to your traffic, such as the free Backlinks Generator.


WhamSoft offers four free directory submission software products that can be used to build backlinks.  It is ours at's recommendation that they be run on a computer or computing container that does not hold important data, as they are older '.exe' executable files and all executable files that you download should be handled with caution and not alongside your important data.